Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

Cruise Highlights

Some of our Highlights 2016.

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2.4.2016 - 9.4.2016   Kilada (Greece) to Valetta (Malta)

Sailing to the southcoast of the Peleponnese Island, cross the Adriatic Sea to Malta.

Master Cabins : 2750.- Euro
Center Cabin:    2500.- Euro


6.5.2016 - 13.5.2016   Amalfi Coast (Italy)

Sailing around the amazing Amalfi coast. Enjoy the Sea and the Italian Lifestyle on one of the best Yachting Spots in the Mediterranean Sea.

Master Cabins : 4750.- Euro
Center Cabin:    4500.- Euro

                            Amalfi Coast

25.5.2016 - 30.5.2016   Grand Prix de Monaco

Motor Sport as its best! The Summerset in Monaco!
Enjoy on Board of your Yacht this special athmosphere in and around Monaco.
The Summerset will stay on anchor in a Bay close to Manaco. All Points of Interest can be reached by our Speedboat.

Master Cabins : 4750.- Euro
Center Cabin:    4500.- Euro

Welcome on Board!



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