Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

February 2013

After a short trip to germany the work goes on: 
The inner part of the boat is now completely sandblasted and two layers of colour will now be applied 

1. Zinc rich primer (rolled up). 
2. Iron mica colour (which will be sputtered and clings to the primer forever...)

The sputtered stern. Don't worry, the cabins will be bright coloured! 

The ship hull has now been completed and the bow has been closed. Everything is prepared for sand blasting: the old spattling compound has been removed, last welder- and grinding works were done.

Many small details, which have to be done now, take a lot of time. The tanks of the bow will be installed. The diesel tank is nearly accomplished: a construction of 6 mm steel (weight of more than 3 tonnes). 

Tank construction

So: my laptop is running out of the electricity has been shut down for 8 hours. Always interesting to see, how things work in greece. A new solar farm will be connected to the electricity supply. It's a miracle to me, why they do it on a sunday and not on working days. 

Next week I will elaborately report on the actual  works! See you!

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