Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

January 2013

Dear follower!

Even while christmas time no one took a rest from project SUMMERSET: 
In switzerland we were working on the engine, which is supposed to be one of the numerous gems of the SUMMERSET and soon will be leaving the workshop at Williberg in his new appearance: classy in white with mounting parts made of chrome.

Ruedi refurbishes the entire drive system. The turbodiesel engine was totally decomposed and afterwards revarnished. All cooling system were thoroughly cleaned and some components replaced. All add-on parts are now gleaming in chrome. Bearings and engine seals were exchanged and proofed for impermeability.

The anchor winch befor and after treatment:

Meanwhile in Greece: the water tanks at the stern were accomplished, the bulwark evolves and the bowsprit will be welded to perfection soon.

Water tanks at the stern: after another day of sandblasting and another color process the covers will be weld shut with the manholes


The structural steelwork of the stern is nearly done! 

Regards from Kilada!


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